After the announcement of a project termed ‘Operation Possess The Land’ in the ministry where I belong, I began to study & meditate on what it takes to possess the ‘land’ and how this could be related to other areas of my life in addition to reconciling men to God. I wanted to find out why God will give me a land when it is already occupied and what I needed to do before taking over the land and what to do after. There is no vacuum in life and so no empty land. There are always inhabitants or intending inhabitants. I may not have all the answers but all my write up on this were gleaned from my study of how the ultimate Landowner gave lands out in the past to his special ones.

A ‘land’ may mean different things to different people. Whatever a land represent to you, business arena, career world, ministerial assignment, relationships, and financial dominion, there is always what you must do to takeover and possess the land. Every land is occupied. Whether by a giant or by a midget. It doesn’t make a difference. The concept of taking a land is the same. How you see the land is predicated by your mentality.


I came back into this country with £700 in 2002. No family, no house and was a stranger in the land. The only thing I had were the instructional words given to me by a God I have never seen but believed. I wrote those words an old diary (see inset picture) I was using at the time given to me by my dad. It was a 1984 diary but it served as my writing pad in jotting down all that God has told. Within few weeks, God instructed me to give away all the money I came with as I sat watching a gospel program in the house where I was accommodated. I gave everything out and used £70 to open an account. Today, it is evident in our life that God can take you from Zero to Millions. I have proven that if you understand how to take a land you will prosper on the land. By His grace today, I am a testimony that a land can be taken.  There are land rules BEFORE and AFTER which I share as we go along.

Watch out for Step 1.

Diary with His Instructions


Ziglar Legacy Certified


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